During unforeseen circumstances during the Family Operations Hub will not be taking calls from professionals on the Childrens line. This will be kept clear for members of the public to share their concerns.

Professionals will therefore not be able to ring through non urgent referrals but will need to complete the FORS form (Family Operations Request for Support ) which is located on the ESCB website. Details about where to send the form are on the top of the form.

Professionals will be able as usual to make phone referrals through the priority line for concerns that require an immediate response. Professionals will also be able to use the consultation line as usual for advice & guidance.


Family Solutions
Family Solutions is aimed at helping families with a range of issues on a voluntary basis. We work with families for up to 12 months by helping them identify their own solutions to their problems.
In the early stages contact with the family can be on an intensive basis, reducing over time as they become more confident at addressing their problems.
Family Solutions will work with families who have two or more of the following difficulties described as Intensive in the Effective Support for Children and Families in Essex Guidance:
  • Families with no member in work
  • Families with significant non-school attendance (for whatever reason)
  • Families with members involved in crime or anti-social behaviour
  • Families affected by domestic violence
  • Families living with drug and alcohol misuse
  • Families where children are in need and were open to social care
  • Families where children exhibit significant behavioural difficulties
  • Families facing eviction or with significant rent arrears or neighbour disputes
  • Families with one or more member of the household with (tier 2) mental health needs


Support for Disabled Children and Young People

For information and guidance on Support for Disabled Children and Young People in Essex please click here