See the Transformation Challenge Panel's visit to Essex

The Public Service Transformation Challenge Panel visited Essex on Thursday 17 July to see first-hand the results of partnership projects designed to improve the lives of local residents.

Watch a video of the visit here:


The independent panel, set up by the Government, is reviewing how local public sector partners are remodelling services around the needs of people, not organisations, and visited initiatives spearheaded by the Essex Partnership’s Public Service Reform Unit.

Visitors included Pat Richie, Co-Chair of the Transformation Challenge Panel and chief executive of Newcastle City Council, and John Young, a national clinical director for the NHS who is a specialist in the care and rehabilitation of the elderly.

The visit began at Essex House, Colchester, where frontline staff from the new Joint Domestic Abuse Triage Team, established by Essex County Council, Essex Probation, Essex Police and Health and Social Care partners, spoke about the achievements of the partnership.

Colchester Community Hub and Library presented its joint public sector approach to community services housed together in one location.

The team behind the Tendring Intelligence Pilot outlined how they are bringing partners together to ascertain and map the public sector demand for services in a geographical area in Clacton.

Colchester CVS introduced the panel to Time, Business and Carebank volunteers and demonstrated My Social Prescription, a new, more holistic approach to managing social issues within the community.

The day finished with a visit to Family Solutions Colchester and Tendring, at the Greenstead Youth Centre, where the visitors met frontline staff and families who spoke about the benefits of early intervention and how the partnership services have positively transformed peoples’ lives.

Pat Richie, Co-Chair of the Transformation Challenge Panel said: “The panel is looking for best practice in service transformation and what we have seen during our visit to Essex is some really good practice on the ground of how public services are coming together around families and individuals to do things differently”.