Comms & campaign to deliver key messages


  • To implement a communications strategy & campaign to define and deliver key partnership messages based on the WWC recommendations; ensure alignment with other planned communications notably those around the Care Act.
  • To have an honest dialogue with the public to inform them the current system will have to change and why.
  • To engage the audience and encourage behaviour change that leads to a greater emphasis on personal responsibility and community resources.  To encourage communities to mobilise their resources to support vulnerable people locally.
  • Establish communications channels with voluntary and community, business and professional networks to reach a wider target audience.
  • Facilitate a communications workshop with key partners to inform, gain institutional support from and  seek joint approaches with key communications contacts across Essex partners regarding WWC and the Care Act
  • To time the campaign to align with the work of strategy in launching an ‘Essex View’


  • Workshop held with partners
  • Specification on ‘values mode population segmentation’ in due to be released to the market in January and delivered by March 2014. Once commissioned and delivered, this will underpin our approach to public engagement & influencing behaviour change.

Awards scheme in recognition of care on a voluntary basis


An annual awards scheme to reward and recognise those who support people’s care on a voluntary basis and engaging with the public for the vote.

Five potential awards for example:

  • Individual Adult
  • Individual Young Person
  • Business/ Organisation
  • Community of the year
  • Volunteer of the year


  • Contract now officially awarded to CAVS.
  • Event booked for 13th May 2015

An Essex View on priorities for the next government


To produce by an Essex ‘view’ on the top 5-10 policy decisions that we would like the next government to pursue on Health and Social Care. This would be in the form of a consolidated response to a series of national reports and policy reviews that have recently been published and would be designed to: 

  • raise the profile of Essex nationally within the debate
  • try to focus the agenda onto a smaller number of policy proposals
  • influence party manifestos ahead of the 2015 general election


  • This has been published and circulated to partners, press and politicians.
  • The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Counties are doing an inquiry on Health & Social Care and are will be taking recommendations from the report into account. They will publish their report in January as recommendations to Government

Healthwatch Information & Signposting: A Citizens’ Guide To Care


To establish a Citizens’ Guide to Care, an integrated Health and Social Care information and signposting service in Essex.

Initially, the service will be made up of a telephone helpline and web portal, with other channels and outreach mechanisms to be explored. It will go beyond information & signposting on statutory services and also include voluntary sector activity and wider civil society activity.

Phase 1 is establish telephone service

Phase 2 is enhanced service including web presence and promotion / marketing


  • Signposting service started on 1st October
  • Currently a telephone service but will expand to web presence in 2015. Will be aligned with ECC, Care Act info and advice