Our Second Solution

Prevent unnecessary crises in care

A new approach to change the focus of care from treating disease and chronic conditions to supporting individuals earlier – preventing crises in care, improving independent living, and creating a responsibility for all of us to identify those most in need of care and support in our communities.

The long-term health of families and communities is planned together by us and by those who provide our care and support to ensure the right care is received in the right place.

To support this recommendation, we call for:

  • A new record owned by, and accessible to, the individual to be created as a new right for those of us most in need of care and support to allow for advanced planning and improved support at an earlier stage.
  • The provision of initial intensive care and support when an individual is first identified as being in need of care and support rather than when we reach a point of crisis which in many cases could have been avoided or better planned.
  • Everyone needing care and support shall have the right to choose a co-ordinator / wellness worker to support them in taking responsibility for their care.  Communities and the voluntary sector will be encouraged to step into this role but on a new ‘person-centred’, non disease-based approach.
  • Essex to support the evolution of Long Term Conditions Centres, nurse led and staffed partly by trained volunteers.
  • Essex should create online communities to help those of us in need of care and support to live independently and to combat loneliness.