Our Fourth Solution

Use data and technology to the advantage of the people of Essex

This needs a new approach to making the most of information and technology.  Given advances in recent years, it is surprising that the healthcare economy has not done more to embrace the richness of health and care data as well as technology.  Organisations and individuals will welcome the benefits of using data and technology better to support independent living, self-care and co-ordination and to give more convenient access to good advice.  Only one out of more than 700 people we interviewed was unhappy with the concept of total transparency of data between professionals.

To support this recommendation, we call for:

  • The urgent creation of a simple ‘good enough’ Essex-wide data strategy supported by an IT strategy that enables success and sees the individual as the ultimate owner and custodian of their own health and care record.
  • Borough, city, district and unitary councils and housing associations to work together to create a housing strategy using assistive technology that will enable people to live independently for longer.
  • A thorough telehealth and telecare trial in a meaningful population to identify and evaluate the benefits and appropriate design of the packages.  This should be in an area of good internet coverage, good mobile signal coverage and with all patients consenting to open sharing of their data.