Our Fifth Solution

Ensure clear leadership, vision and accountability

Clear leadership and accountability are the only ways to deliver better, more co-ordinated care.  We recommend that implementation of our suggested solutions should be the responsibility of an Essex care partnership of commissioners and providers operating across Essex.  This will bring together key partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors to procure and provide cradle to grave, co-ordinated, convenient care for each individual.  Every incentive must be aligned better to allow this to happen, with a clear vision that brings everyone together.  If successful, this care partnership could take on broader responsibilities.

To support this recommendation, we call for:

  • A care partnership with an independent chair, governed by the Health and Wellbeing Boards, and operating across Essex to bring together key partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • A new culture of collaboration through a ‘single pot of money’ to deliver the identified outcomes.  Permission should be sought from the relevant authorities and regulators to allow for this to be successful.
  • The executive to focus with urgency and courage on core areas that pose significant care challenges across Essex:
    • Bringing commissioners and providers together, from hospitals to care workers, to achieve the best care, best access, in the appropriate setting, cared for by the appropriate people and at the best value to the taxpayer;
    • Allowing us to share our data;
    • Identifying earlier those most in need and most likely to require care;
    • Making the most of our communities and all our assets; and
    • Creating a county-wide strategy to support us to take control of our own health and care and make the most of recent technologies to enhance the support provided.
  • Investment in the leadership team and the building of trust between us, including working with non-executive mentors from customer-facing organisations
  • The integration of provision – in other words, make services less fragmented, easier to navigate, and hence better value for money.  Commissioners will incentivise providers to work together rather than driving them apart through divisive tendering processes.
  • Whenever a new service is commissioned another should be decommissioned. Commissioners should be encouraged to identify non-core services now.
  • Commissioners should be supported to consider greater flexing of the workforce.