About the Board


Suzanne Jude, (Raytheon) Chair of Essex Employment & Skills Board  and Tim Price (Park City Consulting), Vice Chair of Essex Employment & Skills Board

The Essex Employment and Skills Board has been set up to bring about change. We have come together as a representative group of large employers, SMEs, Business membership groups, colleges, universities and local government to look at collaborative solutions; we want to build on successful work to build a local skills offer which we can be truly proud of and which stands out nationally. With so many local partners signed up and committed to change we have a real and unique opportunity to make a difference.

Board Mission / Objectives

The Government and Essex Community Budget pilot work on skills,  identified the need for a Strategic Board that provides a platform from which employers can have a real voice in shaping skills provision so that it delivers economic growth and is attuned to the needs of employers.

The overwhelming feedback from local businesses is that we are experiencing skills shortages and recruitment challenges at a time when youth unemployment is high. We need to make sure that our young people are properly equipped for future careers. Whilst many colleges and providers are responding to industry need, there is a clear mismatch between what we as employers need and the training on offer.

To help place equal importance on young people being appropriately skilled for the jobs market and to support UK economic growth, the Board’s mission is to help create the most productive and responsive skills system in the country, ensuring businesses have a workforce with the skill sets they need to thrive and young people have the ambition and skills that will advantage them when competing in the labour market.

The board is not seeking to add a further layer of bureaucracy to Local Enterprise Partnership activity, but to support its ability to deliver tangible results on the ground, recognising a very broad geographic and social area to cover and the need for a more targeted approach within Essex.

Tim Price (Vice-Chair) and Suzanne Jude (Chair)

The Board have four objectives to help do this -

  • To ensure the creation of a robust evidence base for skills and to use this to develop an executable five year business plan which incorporates an implementation plan and is reviewed annually
  • To support the deployment of the new enabling mechanisms which contribute to the closer alignment of skills provision and business need – including an online employer portal and the Essex Skills Investment Fund (ESIF)
  • To champion involvement and participation in the skills system by engaging widely with businesses through disseminating information from the Board and by creating the conditions which allow the views of interested businesses to be taken into consideration
  • To take the case for requisite finance and flexibilities to Government on behalf of all Essex providers, businesses and public sector agencies.
Key Partners
  • Essex Employers
  • Essex Chamber of Commerce
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Essex County Council
  • Essex Borough, City and District Councils
  • Southend Borough Council
  • Thurrock Council
  • Essex Further Education Colleges
  • Essex based Training Providers
  • Essex based Higher Education Institutions
  • Sector Skills Councils
  • Essex Community and Voluntary Services
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Answer the Greater Essex Skills Survey at: https://surveys.essexinsight.org.uk/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=206

Email us at:  EssexEmployment.SkillsBoard@essex.gov.uk