Launched on 12th September 2013, ‘Who Will Care?’ Five high-impact solutions to prevent a future crisis in health and social care in Essex sets out to answer how we can care for ourselves and our communities right now and in the future. Our five recommendations will help promote more effective and earlier identification of your needs including support for you. They will deliver seamless care and support for all Essex people. They will also give back to you the ownership of your health and care and reduce all of our dependence on the State, and achieve value for your money.

The Commission’s solutions are to:

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Who will care? Implementation

The Health and Wellbeing Board received a report on 21st November on the recommendations and agreed some next steps. On 10th January the implementation of the ‘Who Will Care?’ recommendations was reviewed at a stakeholder away day chaired by Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett. A wide range of organisations attended. It was agreed that work in 2014-15 would be focussed on three projects:

  • Public engagement
  • Data, information sharing and technology
  • Mobilising communities.

Sir Tom proposed producing a fully costed action plan by the end of March 2014 with the assistance of a small advisory group reporting to the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB). The plan will be presented for agreement to the HWB. Sir Tom committed himself to leading the work, with all work streams to be underway by 31st December 2014.

The Who Will Care Event?: Mobilising Communities Event, which will take place on 4th April, aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide an update on work to implement the high impact solutions recommended by the ‘Who Will Care?’ Commission on the future of health and social care in Essex.
  • Agree some major new initiatives across Essex for supporting people in their communities.

Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Chair of the ‘Who Will Care?’ Commission, hopes these goals will be achieved through bringing together key decision-makers to identify community schemes that are successfully helping people in need of care and support, and could be taken further.

During the day, participants will review proposed schemes to agree which ones could be scaled up and rolled-out more widely. Please read the Agenda here.